Traveling Museum

Traveling Museum

plus travel fees outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Dinosaur George's Traveling Museum is the largest of its kind in North America.
This is an all day event where every student gets to come through and experience a private, world class museum, all withing your building.
And the exhibit can be opened to the public!


Our traveling museum will convert your gymnasium into a Natural History Museum.

This exhibit is not only exciting; it is highly educational.

A comprehensive curriculum for grades Kinder through 6th grade, written in both Spanish and English, is available for all participating schools. Each curriculum covers numerous TEKS.

Our staff will lead your students through an initial tour of our exhibit and then allow them begin working on their scavenger hunt pages (supplied by us).

It takes approximately 45 minutes to experience the exhibit, but you can decide how long each group can stay. And the easy to read, and highly visual, signs will insure that students of any age will have a complete understanding of each exhibit piece.

Set Up and Removal

We'll arrive the day prior to your event.

Set up normally takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on your facility and layout.

Removal normally takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on your facility and layout.

Please watch the video above for complete details.

Dinosaur Ambassadors Program

This amazing program allows you to choose up to 5 students to come into the museum and work "behind the barriers" with our team. Their role is to hold special exhibit pieces and allow the other students to touch each piece.

These students wear special vests, which we supply, to designate them as "Dinosaur Ambassadors".

Funding Assistance

This program is available on any package. Under it, you can offer our merchandise for sale to your students and visitors.We supply the inventory at no cost or commitment from you.

Our organization provides staffing to sell the items and collect the money, we will make a 20% donation to you for everything sold.

Our Traveling Museum is sponsored by our friends at KLRN in San Antonio. Without their help and support, we could not bring this amazing exhibit to thousands of students every month.

KLRN offers a free curriculum that supports the traveling museum. Click on the link below, or copy and paste the address: