Traveling Museum - $3500 plus travel fees


 Sponsored by San Antonio PBS affiliate KLRN, our traveling museum will convert your gymnasium or facility into a Natural History Museum. 

This exhibit is not only exciting; it is highly educational. 

A comprehensive curriculum for grades Kinder through 6th grade,  written in both Spanish and English, is available for all participating schools. Each curriculum covers numerous TEKS.  Visit the KLRN website to download your free curriculum -

Our staff will lead your students through an initial tour of our  exhibit  and then allow them to begin working on their scavenger hunt pages  (supplied by us).

It takes approximately 45 minutes to experience the exhibit, but you  can decide how long each group can stay. And the easy to read, and  highly visual, signs will insure that students of any age will have a  complete understanding of each exhibit piece.

Setup and Removal

We'll arrive the day prior to your event.

Set up normally takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on your facility and layout.

Removal normally takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on your facility and layout.

Donation Program

During your event our staff will set up and host a small gift shop area withing the museum. At the end of your event we will present a cash donation of 20% of all sales from your event. Our organization provides staffing to sell the items and collect the money. You are not required to provide any assistance. We handle everything and you receive 20%! It's an excellent way to help offset the costs of bringing our traveling museum to your campus or community. 

Student Ambassadors Program

This amazing program allows you to choose up to 5 students to come  into the museum and work "behind the barriers" with our team. Their role  is to hold special exhibit pieces and allow the other students to touch  each piece.

These students wear special vests, which we supply, to designate them as "Museum Ambassadors".

Group Discounts

We offer the following group discounts. Eligable schools do not have to be within the same school district. They must be within the same general area and held within consecutive dates (excluding weekends).

2 schools - $3100 per school. Travel fees divided equally between both.

3 schools - $2800 per school. Travel fees divided equally between ll schools.

4 school - $2700 per school and all travel fees waived.

5 or more schools - $2500 per school and all travel fees waived.  

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Download Files for Our Traveling Museum

Below are the various files to be downloaded and used for the Traveling Museum.

Merchandise Donation Letter (pdf)


Gift Shop Order Form (pdf)


Dinosaur Ambassadors (pdf)


Ambassador Notes (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt Teacher Overview (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt - Kinder (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt - First Grade (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt - Second Grade (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt - Third Grade (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt Fourth Grade (pdf)


Scavenger Hunt Fifth Grade and Up (pdf)


Traveling Museum Checklist (pdf)


Museum Flyer (pdf)