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Our traveling museum exhibits are the largest of their kind in North America. They are designed to convert any school gym, or public facility into a full natural history museum. It is filled with numerous authentic and replica skulls, teeth, claws, bones and eggs from around the world. Dinosaur George is one of the most sought after public speakers in North America. 

Elementary School Assemblies and Public Speaking Events


Dinosaur George has performed live to over 4 million students and adults throughout North America. His shows are educational, fun and informative. Using a quick wit, and his ability to speak to any age audience, Dinosaur George is one of the most sought after speakers in Texas.

Our Website Store

Our on-line catalog is filled with numerous dinosaur related items. Our cast replicas are museum quality and affordable. Along with a huge variety of dinosaur claws, teeth, skulls and more, you'll find books, videos and apparel. 

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