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Discovery Package


$550 (plus travel fees)

 The Discovery Package is designed for any age group and any size.  This package includes:  

  • 2 shows - 45 minutes each
  • No limit on number of participants
  • Focus on Dinosaurs as well as other  prehistoric creatures indigenous to your area.
  • Professional Carvin PA System
  • High energy, fun and educational performance!

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Exploration Package


$1000 (plus travel fees)

 The Exploration Package has been our most popular package. It is  designed for any age group and any size and is a much more visual  experience for the students because they see images of what each animal  looked like. It also uses images to explain the various sizes of each  creature.  

This package includes everything from the Discovery Package, plus: 

  • High Intensity Projector - Works in bright room. No need for dark facility
  • Giant Video Screen
  • This package requires an auditorium, stage or  gym with a minimum ceiling height of 12 feet to accommodate the big  screen. No special room lighting required.

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Custom Package


Can't find a package that meets your need? We can create a custom package for you. From libraries, outdoor events, evening shows and city events, we can help meet your needs.

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