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Dinosaur  George has performed live to over 4 million students across the  country. And now you can see him live, anywhere in the world!

Bring  Dinosaur George into your classroom, school, library or even your own  home! With the purchase of this "Live Lesson", once we've agreed on the  time for your video, we will send you an invitation code to log into  Zoom and speak directly with Dinosaur George.

Each lesson last 45 minutes.  The first 30 minutes will be informational, and the remaining 15 will  be used for interactive Q&A. (This can be adjusted if you want more,  or less Q&A time.

Dinosaur  George is an amazing speaker who will entertain, as well as educate,  you. With his 35 years of study in paleontology and animal behavior, and  an ability to interact with any age, or grade level, having him speak  to your group will be a memorable event!

Choose from subjects like:

  • What is a Dinosaur?
  • How Fossils are Formed
  • Time Periods and Geology
  • Tyrannosaurus rex - King of the Dinosaurs
  • Prehistoric Mammals
  • Raptors - The most dangerous dinosaurs
  • Special Request (Choose your own subject)


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