Mini Museum

Can't schedule the full museum? Try our Mini Museum!


 $2500 (plus travel fees)
Our Mini Museum is our newest package. We bring in a large number of pieces from our traveling museum and the students learn about each  animal. After an educational talk, each grade level goes into the exhibit to complete a scavenger hunt. This assures all students are engaged and participating. 

It's is ideal for smaller facilities, or when you are unable to give a full day for our full museum. We come in, set it up, and then all of your students get to participate. After 4 hours we remove the exhibit.

This package includes:  

  • An educational presentation for each grade level that comes thru the exhibit
  • Grade Level Scavenger Hunt Pages (Kinder thru 6th)
  • No limit on number of participants
  • Focus on various prehistoric life.
  • Professional Carvin PA System
  • High energy, fun and educational performance!
  • This package requires the use of a gym or large room to accommodate the large exhibit area.
  • Exhibit items include: Gorgosaurus Skull - Allosaurus Skull -  Albertosaurus Skull - Ceratosaurus Skull - Utahraptor Skull - Mosasaur  Skull - Archaeopteryx Skeleton - Diabloceratops Skull - Protoceratops  Skull - Dinosaur Egg Nests - and over 20 additional exhibit items.

Donation Program


Our mini museum is eligible for our donation program. This program can help offset the expenses of bringing the event to your school or event

Donation Program

Set Up and Removal


Our mini dinosaur museums takes only 2 hours to fully set up and remove. We can set up the day before, or the morning of, your event. We supply everything, including our own tables. We welcome, but do not require, assistance from your teaching staff of volunteers. It's a great school event.

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