Funding Program

Event Donation Program

You can pre-sell items by handing out our provided order forms.

Or you can sell our items the day of your event, or both!

How it works

  • We arrive with the merchandise on our trucks and remove what doesn’t sell at the end of your event.
  • You do not purchase, order, or prepay for anything. There are no minimum sales required.
  • We report all sales and pay all sales taxes.
  • This is not a fund raiser. We make a donation to your organization for your percentage.

We Donate 20% To You

Our team handles the sales, collection of the money and distribution of the merchandise.

Then we will donate 20% of all sales from your event to you at the conclusion of your event or assembly.

Our staff handles all aspects of the sales, including responsibility to have necessary change on hand.

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Some schools have generated enough income from this program to cover the entire cost of their event!

Questions about this program?

Call us toll free (888-487-7478) or email us at