Donation Program


A great way to offest the cost of bringing Dinosaur George!

Some customers have generated enough sales to pay for their entire event!


During our visit our team will set up a small gift shop with rocks, minerals fossils and fossil replicas that your students and visitors can purchase.

Then, at the conclusion of your event, we will make a donation of 20% of all items sold.


You can pre-sell items by handing out our provided order forms.

Or you can sell our items the day of your event, or both!

How it Works

  •  We arrive with the merchandise on our trucks and remove what doesn’t sell at the end of your event.
  • You do not purchase, order, or prepay for anything. There are no minimum sales required.
  • We report all sales and pay all sales taxes.
  • This is not a fund raiser. We make a donation to your organization for your percentage.

Donation Program Video

Download Our Order Form

This form is to be distributed to the students prior to your event.

Merchandise Donation Overview (pdf)


Parent Note (pdf)


Merchandise order Form (pdf)