Donation Program

A great way to offest the cost of bringing Dinosaur George!

Some customers have generated enough sales to pay for their entire event!


During our visit our team will set up a small gift shop with rocks, minerals fossils and fossil replicas that your students and visitors can purchase.

Then, at the conclusion of your event, we will make a donation of 20% of all items sold.


You can pre-sell items by handing out our provided order forms.

Or you can sell our items the day of your event, or both!

How it Works

  •  We arrive with the merchandise on our trucks and remove what doesn’t sell at the end of your event.
  • You do not purchase, order, or prepay for anything. There are no minimum sales required.
  • We report all sales and pay all sales taxes.
  • This is not a fund raiser. We make a donation to your organization for your percentage.

Download Our Order Form

This form is to be distributed to the students prior to your event.

Merchandise order Form (pdf)