City & Public Events

Bring Dinosaur George to Your Event

Dinosaur George is one of the most sought-after performers in North America. He's performed live in front of over 3 million people, and his television series on the History Channel has been viewed by 40 million more.

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and no one can bring them alive to an audience better than Dinosaur George.

Whether you book him speak at your event, or have him and his team set up our huge traveling dinosaur exhibit, it will be an event your visors will never forget

Public Speaking

"Dinosaur George" Blasing is a high energy speaker who uses humor, a quick wit and a vast knowledge of prehistoric life to bring science alive. He excels at his ability to keep an audience engaged. From children to adults, Dinosaur George will bring the past alive.

From performing at your public event, to speaking at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, Dinosaur George is sure to be a hit.

Contact us for questions and pricing.

(888) 487-7478

Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit

Our traveling museum has been seen by over 250,000 people in less than 7 years. It can be set up in almost any facility and will be an amazing opportunity for everyone in your community.

  • The largest traveling exhibit of its kind in North America.
  • Over 150 individual exhibit items from around the world.
  • Huge skulls and bones from prehistoric creatures that once roamed the planet.
  • Can be arranged to fit almost any facility.

Our traveling museum is designed to bring dinosaurs to communities where the local children, and adults, may not have an opportunity to see things as amazing as these.

For complete details about this exhibit, please contact us toll free at (888) 487-7478 or email Booking@Dinosaur